Diagramming Framework to Build & Deploy Advanced Visual Apps Faster

Vislabs is a supercharged diagramming set of reusable components that shorten your app’s time to market.   

Vislabs - set of reusable components for building diagramming apps

Implemented by trusted brands and hundreds of users worldwide

Why Vislabs?

Take advantage of reusable components and seasoned experts that help you create your own diagramming tool fast.

  • Create and Deploy App Fast
  • Add Tailored Features
  • Get the Ownership
Build your visual application with our experts, add custom features and your brand look&feel and use the full potential of your new tool

Projects Made with Vislabs

Hundreds of companies created outstanding diagrams, graphs, and visual apps with Vislabs. Discover their case studies. 

Conversational platform made with diagramming reusable components

Low-Code Chatbot Platform for Process Automation

An AI-powered chatbot platform used Vislabs to create a visual tool that helps present the bot’s logic, so they could define the general flow of conversation more easily.

  • Bot diagram for flow visualization
  • Flow map diagram with chat details
  • Machine Learning for indexing and searching semantically similar sentences
Management tool to aggregate data from diverese sources made in Vislabs

Management Tool for Patients Diverse Data Aggregation 

A consultancy agency used Vislabs to aggregate information from multiple data warehouses and share their current version and enable unified view of them.  

  • Database health dashboard 
  • Single-record view 
  • Knowledge graph 
Plant builder made with reusable components

Frontend IoT Solution for Factory Management

A manufacturing company with IoT support used Vislabs to create a plant builder. We equipped it with features that helped with managing processes in a factory.

  • Customizable widgets and dashboards
  • Live alerting system
  • Real-time data monitoring
Diagramming framework for improving building process of automotive products

Helping in the Process of Building
Automotive Products

The world’s largest automotive safety supplier used Vislabs to improve its product LMP. They managed to accelerate the decision-making process.

  • Decision flow diagrams
  • Bill of Materials
  • Admin mode with an action list

How Does It Work?

Follow the three steps to get a complete diagramming application made with cooperation with experts.

Diagramming framework with templates for various industry
Reusable components for building an application
Adapt application made with Vislabs to your business

Templates Fitting Your Industry

Use one of the pre-made and proven Vislabs templates adapted to your industry and develop or tailor them according to your intention. Choose a template from such fields as:

Piping&instrumentation diagrams created with Vislabs

Depict an arrangement of pipes and other objects. Take processes in refineries and plants under control.

Visual application for automotive company created with Vislabs

Support work performance in automotive enterprises with decision flow diagrams and other visualizations.

Data Lineage
Vislabs help in creating data visualization that simplifies data analysis

Clean your data, analyze it faster, and see repeatable patterns. Visualize data as it flows from data sources to consumption.

Vislabs helps in building entire conversational platforms

Create friendly chatbots ecosystem for users and admins. Plan conversational flow with ease.

Vislabs helps in creating application for depicting network or architecture structures

Depict your network or architecture structures. Support their security and accelerate the software development process.

Vislabs helps in creating applications that gather and display data from IoT sensors

Collect live data from IoT sensors and present them in the form of diagrams. Spot and prevent occurring issues and temporary halts.

“They’re very good at capturing our needs. Their analysts have added value to our project through not only understanding our needs, but by proposing better ideas where they’re able to. […].”

Vincent LapointePorduct Manager, OPAL-RT Technologies

“They’re able to deliver our ideas creatively and efficiently with very few issues and defects.”

John KearsCo Owner, NextWare Group

“They have great technical knowledge and are very easy to work with.”

Guillaume BodetCEO, Zeenea

Ready to Use Components

Pre-made features enable you to work smoothly, and save time and money on inventing functionalities from scratch. Deploy your product faster with Vislabs.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work on canvas with team members in real-time, thanks to an intuitive collaboration environment.

Custom Diagram Objects

Determine elements and the interface on a palette from which you can easily drag and drop objects on canvas.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Track, display, and analyze metrics and critical data points from one place to make data-driven decisions.

Automatic Layouts

Clean up the way the content on your diagrams is laid out. Make them easier to read with just a few clicks.

Advanced Animations

Use advanced animations to illustrate progression and see how data changes within periods.


Select pre-defined objects or sections, move them to the desired location, and “drop” them there.

Basic Nodes & Links

Present data through nodes and add links to show relationships between them.


Plot two or more groups of nodes on canvas to keep your data understandable and in order.

Context Menu

Define context menu for any object and use shortcuts to speed-up performing actions.


Undo and redo your actions on canvas. You can reverse as many actions as you need.

Drill Down

Analyze the data point and its historical behavior, attribute properties, and data quality.


Compose objects within diagrams accurately and make them cooperate with themselves.

Looking for Other Features? We’ll create and adjust them to your business needs. Connect with Łukasz – a senior software engineer and the product’s solution architect who will explain what Vislabs can do for your company.

Łukasz Jaźwa, VP of Engineering

Additional Custom Development Services

Adjust Vislabs to your rules and business specifications. Get complete ownership of the final product. 

Match Vislabs with your brand look&feel
Match with your Brand

Customize the user interface and adjust it to your brand’s visual identification. Add your unique look&feel, colors, brand features, and make the tool truly yours.

Vislabs enables exporting and importing Visio files

Reusable components support (.vsdx) files. Your app’s gonna import and export Visio diagrams and graphs or pdf files so as to finish them with Vislabs.

Vislabs cooperates with frontend frameworks
Integrate with Frontend

Work with popular frameworks and libraries such as Angular, React, Vue.js and top platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, Splunk, ServiceNow, and more.

Launch Projects Faster and Boost Your Performance

Cooperate with data visualization specialists and start your projects immediately. Quickly present and render thousands of data objects on the canvas.

Hire the experts that stand behind Vislabs and get immediate assistance, even if you want to kick-off your data visualization projects asap.Kick-off project immediately with reusable components
Vislabs accelerates data operations and paves the way for using thousands of objects on a single canvas. Scale diagrams up and don’t worry about performance. Vislabs allows using thousands of objects on a single canvas

Meet The Team

Behind Vislabs stands a group of front-end developers and designers. We join forces and work hand in hand to answer data visualization challenges. Our main motto is to make working with data as easy as possible by delivering an exceptional user experience. And Vislabs reflects this idea. Now you can build a software solution that matters all on your own.

Meet the team that stands behind Vislabs

Rely on data visualization specialists who are experts in fields such as:

graph theory
presenting large datasets
graph databases
advanced algorithms
modern ux
machine learning
automatic graph layouts
advanced animations

…and other data visualization topics.

Build and Deploy Advanced
Visual Apps Faster

Try our diagramming framework that lets you build and quickly deploy advanced visual apps tailored to your needs. Save time and reduce the costs of creating features and integrating technologies. Create a white-label product and get full ownership. 

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